Nora Ampova (born 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a visual artist,

based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Her art is open and social, often infused with humour and irony.


Nora graduated from the National Academy of Art
in Sofia with a Masters in Fine Arts 2014.
A post-graduate specialization in the UK 2011.


Selected independent projects:
One billion seconds 2020, Doza Gallery, Sofia

Cosmos 2018, Unicredit Studio, Sofia
Hide and seek 2016 Lesvos, Greece and Sofia
Personal Venus 2015, Yuzina Gallery, Sofia


Selected collective projects:
The Next Step Generation exhibition 2015, European Commission, Brussels
Image and Likeness 2015, National Gallery, Sofia
Caution: Fresh Paint 2015, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia
My name is artist 2014, Hugo Voeten Art Center, Herentals, Belgium




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