Nora Ampova (born 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a visual artist,

based betwen Geneva(CH) and Sofia(BG).
My art is open and social, often infused with humour and irony.


Graduated from the National Academy of Art
in Sofia with a Masters in Fine Arts 2014.
A post-graduate specialization in the UK 2011.

National High School of Fine Arts in Sofia 2008.


Selected independent projects:
 Stories from the cloud  2021, Nuance Gallery, Sofia

One billion seconds 2020, Doza Gallery, Sofia

Cosmos 2018, Unicredit Studio, Sofia
Hide and seek 2016 Lesvos, Greece and Sofia
Personal Venus 2015, Yuzina Gallery, Sofia


Selected collective projects:
Tresholds and scars - National Autumn Exhibitions 2021, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
The Next Step Generation exhibition 2015, European Commission, Brussels
Image and Likeness 2015, National Gallery, Sofia
Caution: Fresh Paint 2015, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia
My name is artist 2014, Hugo Voeten Art Center, Herentals, Belgium





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